Wedding Bells

Although a South Carolina wedding in the middle of summer wouldn’t usually be my first pick, the one we just got back from turned out to be pretty amazing!

The friend we usually visit in Greenville, SC just got married (woohoo!) and as this is now one of our top destinations to travel to, we knew what to expect: Hot. Heat. Sweat. And while, yes, it was indeed very hot, the wedding itself was wonderful and quite comfortable! I believe I have to thank the wedding venue, Twigs Tempietto, (fancy, aye?) for that.

The ceremony was in a beautiful and large garden area with vines hanging all around it for an intimate, and well-shaded setting. It even allowed for a little breeze! Usually I have to worry about my hair looking like I came straight off of the Magic School Bus, but not on this occasion. We were able to enjoy the ceremony outdoors while still being comfortable and without having to squint as we watched my friend, the stunning bride, walk down the lovely stone isle.


The reception was held under a large tent out by the terrace where the ceremony was held, which was very convenient! Especially for us ladies who aren’t used to walking long distances in high heels. We boogied the night away with plenty of room… and plenty of food and beverage. Of course, the latter is one of my favorite parts of weddings, and I’m happy to say they did not disappoint. However, I think I perhaps indulged a bit too much as the boogieing seemed to get much more difficult after round 3. Oops…

All I can say is that of all the Greenville, SC wedding venues, I’m sure happy that the newly Mrs. Hamilton chose this one. It was an amazing time and a beautiful wedding. Congratulations, you guys!! And have a wonderful honey moon. I’m sure we’ll be visiting again soon in no time.

Tile Time

Floors don’t usually excite me. Especially not when I’m traveling. As a matter of fact, they’re probably the last thing I notice or remember from any given trip. However, on a visit back to the South, I happened to encounter a company I wanted to mention because I’ve not seen much like the service they provided.

I was with a friend who was replacing his carpet for ceramic tile. Of course, tile can be expensive. And the process can always be a pain. The experience for me has usually consisted of searching for the right company, then going to their store and browsing a daunting selection while waiting to be tended to before deciding on something… All just to get a quote I can’t afford. Well, this was not that experience.

First of all, my friend called this company, Floor Gurus, who he’s used many times now. And rather than going to any store, they came straight to us! They arrived at the house with several samples already prepared based on the conversation they’d had on the phone. The Floor Guru did a thorough inspection of the space, which was the bathroom this particular time, and took his measurements. After this speedy process, he sat down with my friend and I (not that I was doing much participating) and they were quickly able to find what my friend was looking for.

They then set up a time for the company to come by and get the job done. All of this took only a little over an hour. And about one week later, the entire project was finished.


So I was thinking this must cost an even greater fortune, having a house-call. But it was just the opposite! All of the prices, not just the ceramic, were all better than just about any prices I’ve ever seen on flooring. I’m telling you! If you’re ever in search of ceramic tile Greer, SC, give the Floor Gurus a call. I wish I had a company like this close by. It would tempt me much more to care about my own floors… Which, since I got home, I realized they could certainly use the help.


… that was the floors talking. Not me.

Trip to Asheville

As Mike and I have family in South Carolina, we decided to venture out and see some of the different cities and sites close by. One of these was Asheville, North Carolina. And let me tell you: there is nowhere like Asheville.


We’d heard about Asheville for the first time when one of Mike’s work buddies mentioned going there for camping trips and some music festivals. He talked about the unique characteristic of the town and people, describing it as “high-class hippy.” With only that description to go off of, we didn’t really know what we were going into. But we were intrigued, none the less.

Now having experienced it for myself, “high-class hippy” is actually a very fitting description for this amazing city. The people are definitely quite earthy (as in probably a quarter of the population has dreadlocks), but it’s also an extremely clean city. It’s very green and sustainable and also extremely supportive of local business.

While we were there, we visited the Early Girl Eatery which was amazing! They had lots of organic options and all of the ingredients used there come from a local farm. Then we explored the city which had tons of really neat little shops and treasures. While in one of these shops, a local told us to visit the West side of the city.

When we got there, it was as if we’d found a little piece of heaven.We got to sit outside of a large area that used to be warehouses but have recently been converted into small art studios and a micro-brewery. Again, hello heaven! And of course, as a rule of thumb, where there is outdoor beer, there are food trucks. Which are my favorite! We chose a Mexican food truck which had the most amazing tacos. Until we went up the street to White Duck Taco Shop and got the truly most amazing tacos! (Mike and I like tacos).

However, after all of the tacos and beer, we had to get moving. We decided to trek up to Black Mountain which has some of the most stunning hikes and views I’ve ever seen. We chose a relaxed 3 mile hike, which became increasingly hurried as the sun started to set, and enjoyed breathing in the North Carolina air.


For our stay, we found a quaint little tiny house which sits on the side of a mountain close to Black Mountain. (We found it on Airbnb). And in the morning, we got to enjoy the first sunrise I’d seen in far too long.

Just typing all of this up has me ready to go back and continue adventuring on. Asheville was one of the most interesting and romantic cities I’ve ever been to. It’s a guarantee that we’ll be back for more.

Foodie Frenzy

Oh my goodness! I’ve lived in Buffalo my entire life and am so excited to share my very favorite restaurant I’ve ever found in the area. Drum roll, please…

Osteria 166! Seriously, if you like Italian food… And if you’re from Buffalo, you have to like Italian food… Actually, I think humankind has to like Italian food… then you will absolutely drool over this place. Much like I am right now.

Let’s start with the meal I had: Stuffed cannelloni in a panchetta rosemary cream sauce. Uh, excuse me? Can I get 3? And let me tell you, it tasted better than it sounds by about 11 fold. On top of that, they have HOUSEMADE PROSCIUTTO! Yeah. Housemade. And it was extraordinary. My husband, Mike, went with the sun dried tomato basil risotto which was also to die for. You can see the picture of it below:


… Can you tell I love food yet?

Anyhow, seriously, this place is right in the heart of downtown Buffalo off of Franklin St. The decor has a clean and almost rustic feel which matches the style of food. Well, the food tastes rustic, but the presentation is quite charming.

Their menu has something for everybody. Whether you’re looking for something new to spice up your Italian cuisine collection or craving the classic spaghetti and meatballs, you’ll find it at Osteria 166. I’m also pleased to say that it’s well priced, officially giving you no reason not to go check it out. And when you do, ask for Marco. He’s from Bologna, Italy and was our gracious server. He truly made the experience that much more enjoyable with his happy-go-lucky personality and wealth of knowledge on Italian food.

Oh, Christmas Tree

It was a holly, jolly Christmas. The first white Christmas Taylors, SC had had in a while. And of course, my family and I happened to be visiting from Buffalo, NY in hopes of escaping the usual winter mess. Everything was fun and holiday cheer at Nana’s house when, in the midst of our Christmas gift exchange, we heard an earth-shattering commotion which came from over head. The entire family ran out to check out the scene; even Nana came out in her slippers.

When we stepped outside, we looked up to the roof, come to find a beautiful evergreen tree peacefully lounging across Nana’s sweet little home. Of course, this realization was followed by chaos (and excitement from the little ones). Apparently the trees are just as clueless about snow as the native Carolinians.


We didn’t want to ruin the holiday spirit and so we sent my husband to check the damage of the roof. There were a few small leaks that we had to take care of, but once we made sure things were sound enough for the time being, we carried on as if nothing happened. (Except for the kids — still excited).

However, the next day it was time to take care of the very large mess. Being from out of town, we didn’t know who to contact and Nana, having never dealt with this sort of problem before, was just as clueless. Thankfully, a neighbor who came over to help us clear some of the brush suggested a wonderful company who takes care of any sort of tree service in Greenville, SC (right next to Taylors). We immediately called the company, Tree Works, and they quickly took care of everything for us. They made removing an enormous tree, practically snapped in half, off of a roof look like a cakewalk. And on top of that, they were wonderfully friendly and easy to work with. (I suppose that’s the southern charm that everyone is always raving about).

Of course, something like this is never ideal. Especially once you see the quote. But what Tree Works charged for their service was incredibly reasonable! We were very happy with the entire experience. And I was happy to leave my mom’s house tree-free before leaving.

If it hadn’t been for Tree Works, I’m not sure how long it would have taken to get the tree taken care of. But with their promptness, we still had a couple of days left for our trip and so we spent most of our time exploring the town and surrounding areas – which was wildly charming. However, it seemed nothing topped the excitement of the unexpected Christmas tree. It will certainly be a holiday to remember.