Oh, Christmas Tree

It was a holly, jolly Christmas. The first white Christmas Taylors, SC had had in a while. And of course, my family and I happened to be visiting from Buffalo, NY in hopes of escaping the usual winter mess. Everything was fun and holiday cheer at Nana’s house when, in the midst of our Christmas gift exchange, we heard an earth-shattering commotion which came from over head. The entire family ran out to check out the scene; even Nana came out in her slippers.

When we stepped outside, we looked up to the roof, come to find a beautiful evergreen tree peacefully lounging across Nana’s sweet little home. Of course, this realization was followed by chaos (and excitement from the little ones). Apparently the trees are just as clueless about snow as the native Carolinians.


We didn’t want to ruin the holiday spirit and so we sent my husband to check the damage of the roof. There were a few small leaks that we had to take care of, but once we made sure things were sound enough for the time being, we carried on as if nothing happened. (Except for the kids — still excited).

However, the next day it was time to take care of the very large mess. Being from out of town, we didn’t know who to contact and Nana, having never dealt with this sort of problem before, was just as clueless. Thankfully, a neighbor who came over to help us clear some of the brush suggested a wonderful company who takes care of any sort of tree service in Greenville, SC (right next to Taylors). We immediately called the company, Tree Works, and they quickly took care of everything for us. They made removing an enormous tree, practically snapped in half, off of a roof look like a cakewalk. And on top of that, they were wonderfully friendly and easy to work with. (I suppose that’s the southern charm that everyone is always raving about).

Of course, something like this is never ideal. Especially once you see the quote. But what Tree Works charged for their service was incredibly reasonable! We were very happy with the entire experience. And I was happy to leave my mom’s house tree-free before leaving.

If it hadn’t been for Tree Works, I’m not sure how long it would have taken to get the tree taken care of. But with their promptness, we still had a couple of days left for our trip and so we spent most of our time exploring the town and surrounding areas – which was wildly charming. However, it seemed nothing topped the excitement of the unexpected Christmas tree. It will certainly be a holiday to remember.

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