Foodie Frenzy

Oh my goodness! I’ve lived in Buffalo my entire life and am so excited to share my very favorite restaurant I’ve ever found in the area. Drum roll, please…

Osteria 166! Seriously, if you like Italian food… And if you’re from Buffalo, you have to like Italian food… Actually, I think humankind has to like Italian food… then you will absolutely drool over this place. Much like I am right now.

Let’s start with the meal I had: Stuffed cannelloni in a panchetta rosemary cream sauce. Uh, excuse me? Can I get 3? And let me tell you, it tasted better than it sounds by about 11 fold. On top of that, they have HOUSEMADE PROSCIUTTO! Yeah. Housemade. And it was extraordinary. My husband, Mike, went with the sun dried tomato basil risotto which was also to die for. You can see the picture of it below:


… Can you tell I love food yet?

Anyhow, seriously, this place is right in the heart of downtown Buffalo off of Franklin St. The decor has a clean and almost rustic feel which matches the style of food. Well, the food tastes rustic, but the presentation is quite charming.

Their menu has something for everybody. Whether you’re looking for something new to spice up your Italian cuisine collection or craving the classic spaghetti and meatballs, you’ll find it at Osteria 166. I’m also pleased to say that it’s well priced, officially giving you no reason not to go check it out. And when you do, ask for Marco. He’s from Bologna, Italy and was our gracious server. He truly made the experience that much more enjoyable with his happy-go-lucky personality and wealth of knowledge on Italian food.

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