The Big Move

As many of you likely noticed, we kind of like Greenville. So, guess what?! We decided to move to Greenville!! Yup, this is my very first blog post as a new Greenville resident. We’re very happy with our decision and loving everything about this place even more every day. Probably our favorite part of this move is that now we can focus on traveling elsewhere again! We’d fallen so in love with this city that we were traveling here more than anywhere else and no longer able to venture out. Now it seems we have the best of both worlds.



So a little bit about our moving experience… Fortunately it was actually a rather smooth transition. Everything was going just as it should. Better, actually. We both got job offers within a month of trying, found a house only one week after officially deciding to move, packing was no problem, we got the U-Haul and everything well organized ahead of time, and when the day came, we hit the road Jack.

Once we moved into our new home, which is a lovely, quaint older home near downtown, we settled into our new jobs and both made a couple friends there who all helped to show us the more “underground” spots in the area. We were finding our groove and nothing could stop us!


One morning, we both woke up with swollen, puffy eyes and stuffy noses. We figured we had caught a common summer cold so we went about our days and both noted feeling better by the time we got home from work. We enjoyed a nice home cooked meal, and then sometime later noticed we were feeling less than whole yet again. It seemed fairly normal seeing as sickness is always worse at night and morning.

So we carried on like this. For a week… Then two… And 3. Finally by the 4th week we had canceled out the idea of this being a mild summer cold, stress from moving, mere allergies or a fluke. We visited a doctor, we tried medicine, a neti-pot for the first time (very interesting experience), and couldn’t find the root.

Then we met a friend who had the same problem when he moved into his new house. He asked if we’d checked or changed our air filter since we moved in. Gasp! No, we hadn’t!┬áVery excited to find out if this could be the culprit, I rushed home after work and went to the air duct first thing. And sure enough, it was absolutely filthy! Layers of dust and particles and goodness knows what else from who knows when.


The same friend told me about a company who does duct cleaning in Greenville, SC and we got the job done first thing the next morning with no problem at all. The company, Steamatic, was wonderful and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a fresh start in their home. (Air quality really is everything! I know from first hand experience).

Within only a couple days, our problems were all cleared up and we were able to go back to our new awesome Greenville lives feeling better than ever before!

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