Snow Day

While winter in Greenville is nothing compared to what we put up with in Buffalo, we were surprised to find that it actually does get cold in South Carolina. Sometimes it even snows! And when it does, everything comes to a grinding halt–no school, no work, no driving–no complaints! There’s nothing like cuddling up on a snowy day with Netflix and a cup of cocoa, safe and warm in your home. Unless, that is, the heating unit in your new house is broken. Which is exactly what happened to us this winter. The problem was, we are so accustomed to the cold that we never even turned on the heat until it was freezing cold and snowing. And lo and behold, nothing but freezing air coming through the vents. Brrrrr!

Luckily, a friend of mine told me about a heating and air Greenville, SC company that saved the day! Despite it being a snow day when virtually every business was closed, they answered on the second ring and came to our rescue. Our heat was on in no time and we were able to enjoy the snowy view from our toasty refuge! We’ve got winter covered, now we just have to survive the sweltering Greenville summer. Fortunately, this company can help with that too!

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