Tile Time

Floors don’t usually excite me. Especially not when I’m traveling. As a matter of fact, they’re probably the last thing I notice or remember from any given trip. However, on a visit back to the South, I happened to encounter a company I wanted to mention because I’ve not seen much like the service they provided.

I was with a friend who was replacing his carpet for ceramic tile. Of course, tile can be expensive. And the process can always be a pain. The experience for me has usually consisted of searching for the right company, then going to their store and browsing a daunting selection while waiting to be tended to before deciding on something… All just to get a quote I can’t afford. Well, this was not that experience.

First of all, my friend called this company, Floor Gurus, who he’s used many times now. And rather than going to any store, they came straight to us! They arrived at the house with several samples already prepared based on the conversation they’d had on the phone. The Floor Guru did a thorough inspection of the space, which was the bathroom this particular time, and took his measurements. After this speedy process, he sat down with my friend and I (not that I was doing much participating) and they were quickly able to find what my friend was looking for.

They then set up a time for the company to come by and get the job done. All of this took only a little over an hour. And about one week later, the entire project was finished.


So I was thinking this must cost an even greater fortune, having a house-call. But it was just the opposite! All of the prices, not just the ceramic, were all better than just about any prices I’ve ever seen on flooring. I’m telling you! If you’re ever in search of ceramic tile Greer, SC, give the Floor Gurus a call. I wish I had a company like this close by. It would tempt me much more to care about my own floors… Which, since I got home, I realized they could certainly use the help.


… that was the floors talking. Not me.