Wedding Bells

Although a South Carolina wedding in the middle of summer wouldn’t usually be my first pick, the one we just got back from turned out to be pretty amazing!

The friend we usually visit in Greenville, SC just got married (woohoo!) and as this is now one of our top destinations to travel to, we knew what to expect: Hot. Heat. Sweat. And while, yes, it was indeed very hot, the wedding itself was wonderful and quite comfortable! I believe I have to thank the wedding venue, Twigs Tempietto, (fancy, aye?) for that.

The ceremony was in a beautiful and large garden area with vines hanging all around it for an intimate, and well-shaded setting. It even allowed for a little breeze! Usually I have to worry about my hair looking like I came straight off of the Magic School Bus, but not on this occasion. We were able to enjoy the ceremony outdoors while still being comfortable and without having to squint as we watched my friend, the stunning bride, walk down the lovely stone isle.


The reception was held under a large tent out by the terrace where the ceremony was held, which was very convenient! Especially for us ladies who aren’t used to walking long distances in high heels. We boogied the night away with plenty of room… and plenty of food and beverage. Of course, the latter is one of my favorite parts of weddings, and I’m happy to say they did not disappoint. However, I think I perhaps indulged a bit too much as the boogieing seemed to get much more difficult after round 3. Oops…

All I can say is that of all the Greenville, SC wedding venues, I’m sure happy that the newly Mrs. Hamilton chose this one. It was an amazing time and a beautiful wedding. Congratulations, you guys!! And have a wonderful honey moon. I’m sure we’ll be visiting again soon in no time.